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Filters cartridges NF 143/4 Nederman
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Filters cartridges NF 143/4 Nederman

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Filters cartridges NF 130/6 Nederman and others – innovative solution for the industry. Get to know Filtropol products


Filter cartridges are an integral part of a cassette dust collector. Such devices are used for cleaning furnance gases in the metallurgical, ceramic and heating products, as well as in processes related to the grinding and granulation of loose products. Get to know Filtropol products


Filter cartridge – short characteristics


The filter cartridges are a system of four or six rows consisting of twenty-two filter pockets. They are suspended from steel plate that separates the clean part from dirty part and acts as a supporting structure for the cassette. Each pocket is stiffened by the use of spring. The nozzle end is also a compressed air intake. This pocket density allows both increase the efficiency of the filter cassette and minimize the space occupied in the filter chamber.


The most important advantages of filter cartridges are:

  • continous operation – without interrupting production time,

  • can be used for five years,

  • high filtration efficincy – even up to 1-2mg/cubic meter,

  • can be installed outside the building,

  • possibility to access the cassette from the contaminated side,

  • modular design to take into account of need for installation in low rooms,

  • easy installation and quick start-up,

  • can be replaced by one person without using tools -saving time and money,

  • low compressed air usage,

  • low weight of a single cartridge: 12-15 kg.


The filter material used is polyester or propylene non-woven fabric. At the customer's request, we can modify the filter cartridge of the technological requirements of his production. We also offer filter cardridges designed to capture potentially explosive liquids from the air. These cassettes are reinforced and certified.


Division of cassettes by filter surface


The cassettes have different filter surfaces.


Four-row cassettes have 8 square meters of filter area.

Six-row cassettes have 12 square meters of filter area.


Division of cassettes by temperature


Four-row casettes up to 75 degrees Celsius


Filter cartridge NF-100/4 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-110/4 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-130/4 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-141/4 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-142/4 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-143/4 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF 160/4 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-180/4 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-181/4 Nederman


Four-row casettes up to 150 degrees Celsius


Filter cartridge NF-140/4 Hot Gas Max 150 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-160/4 Hot Gas Max 150 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-180/4 Hot Gas Max 150 Nederman


Six-row casettes up to 75 degrees Celsius


Filter cartridge NF-100/6 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-110/6 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-130/6 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-141/6 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-142/6 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-143/6 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-160/6 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-180/6 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-181/6 Nederman


Six-row casettes up to 150 degrees Celsius


Filter cartridge NF-100/6 Hot Gas Max 150 Nederman

Filter cartridge NF-180/6 Hot Gas Max 150 Nederman

Filtr cartrigde NF-181/6 Hot Gas Max 150 Nederman


Filter cartridge NF 130/6 Nederman– best selling model


Filter cartridge NF 130/6 is the most popular filter cartridge model on the market. In the standard model the filtering material is polyester fleece with a weight of 500 grams per square metre. It's technically treated, waterproof and oil-resistant.


The advantages of this filter cassette include a reduction in energy consumption which is associated with saving money during production. Importantly, reducing energy consumption does not reduce the quality of filter operation.


Using six-row filter cassettes is also a way to increase the filtration area while saving space. The design of a filter facilitates the cleaning of heating gases and the release of clean air into the atmosphere. This reduces air pollution, which has been a problem in recent years.


Filter cartridges are used in industry. The filter cartridge NF 130/6 can be modified and adapted to the customer's needs, making it suitable for all industries.


Why Filtropol?


Filtropol guarantees high quality products. Production is under strict control. The high quality of filter cartridges is the answer to needs of customers who want to be sure that the product is safe. The customer receives help from us at every stage of the order execution. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

All filters cardridges produced by Filtropol company are as good quality as Nederman filters, but they're cheaper. The prices in the catalogues are indicative. The order value is determined for each customer indyvidually. The price depends on the size of the order and changes to increase the customer's sense of security.

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